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Source port is the term used for any source modification of a game created by the game's community. This term originates from the fact that the Doom source code was originally released for Linux, and had to be "ported" to other operating systems, most notably DOS and Windows. Shortly after, however, programmers started correcting non-addressed Doom bugs and deficiencies in their own source ports, and enhancing it with new features, sometimes altering the gameplay significantly in doing so. The term "source port", or just "port", became therefore synonymous to "custom modification of a game that is still compatible with that game" and is now used in such a meaning even for games other than Doom.

ZDoom is one such source port. This wiki only documents source ports that are relevant in some way to ZDoom; for more information, see the Doom wiki.

ZDoom-based source ports

2.8 branch
GZDoom (link)
QZDoom (link)
2.7 branch
ManDoom (link)
2.5 branch
Zandronum (link)
2.3 branch
Skulltag (link)
2.2 branch
2xZDoom (link is broken
ScoreDoom (link)
2.0 branch
GADoom (thread)
ZDoom Community Build (link) (download)
GrbZDoom (Version 2.0.99x) (link) (download)
ZDoomGL (link)
ZXDoom (thread)
1.22 branch
csDoom (link)
Odamex (link)
ZDaemon (link)

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