Meta tags are HTML tags that helps you get better rankings with a search engine. They also describe the web page for future web developers. There are five different meta tags, but I'll only go over two: the most commonly used by search engines.

This tag looks like <meta name="keywords" content="words"/>, where words is the search term(s) you'd like to have for your web page (eg you have a web page that talks about how to care for dogs, you then put the command <meta name="keywords" content="how to care for your dog, caring for your pet dog, dog care, taking care of your dog"> for your meta tag). Pretty simple, huh?

The other meta tag I'll discuss is similar. It looks like this: <meta name="description" content="yourContent"/> where your content is a extended description of your web page.

Both these meta tags are just the beginning: there are three other meta tags. However, if you plan to put meta tags in your web page, these two are necessities.

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