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The final release of Wikipedia Version 0.8 was published on 3 March 2011 and is now available here, as a Kiwix reader + corpus.

Welcome to Wikipedia Version 0.8! This test release is a general release of around 47,300 articles taken from all subject areas, using systems developed by a group of volunteers from the Wikipedia community. Articles were selected in late 2010, based on a combination of importance and quality. Articles may be found using the search engine, or by browsing the alphabetical index shown below.

All articles are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (CC-BY-SA). For a complete list of contributors for a given article, visit and consult the history section of the article. All images are either declared to be public domain, GFDL, or Creative Commons licenses ( For information about author and copyright for a specific image, please visit or Any problems with this release can be reported online at

Below is an alphabetical index of Wikipedia:Version 0.8 articles. Click on a section to see a complete listing.

This article is issued from Wikipedia. The text is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution - Sharealike. Additional terms may apply for the media files.