List of winners of the Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon, one of the six World Marathon Majors,[1] has been contested by men and women annually since 1977.[2] Since 1983, it has been held annually in October.[2] The United States had been represented by the most Chicago Marathon winners (nine men and twelve women).[3][4] After a seventh consecutive win by a Kenyan man in 2009, Kenyan men have won more times (ten) than men representing any other country.[3][4] The United Kingdom is in third place in total victories (eight), victories by men (five) and victories by women (three).[3][4] All four of Brazil's victors have been men,[3] and all three of Portugal's winners have been women.[4]

Khalid Khannouchi is a four-time Chicago Marathon winner.


The first six pairs of races were swept by the United States.[5] Runners representing the United Kingdom won both races in 1996 (Paul Evans and Marian Sutton).[6] Kenya has been victorious in both races twice (1998 and 2001) and is the most recent country to do so, with representatives Ben Kimondiu and Catherine Ndereba.[5] Deena Kastor, the 2005 female winner, is the last victor from the host nation. Although four-time winner Khalid Khannouchi represented the United States during his 2000 and 2002 victories after becoming an American citizen,[7] the last American-born male winner prior to 2017 was Greg Meyer.[3][4] Galen Rupp became the first American-born male to win the race in 35 years with his 2017 victory.[8] 1979 winner Laura Michalek of the United States was just 15 years old.[2]

Khannouchi's four victories is the most by any contestant. There have been several two-time winners including Khannouchi, five men and six women. Four of the five male two-time winners have been consecutive winners (most recently Evans Rutto in 2002 and 2003), and six of the seven two-time female victors have been consecutive (most recently Berhane Adere in 2006 and 2007). No one other than Khannouchi has won three races and no one has won three consecutively.[2]

There have been two male and two female world records for the fastest marathon time set in the race. The United Kingdom has had both a male and a female fastest marathon world record in Chicago. The women's world record was once set by Paula Radcliffe, who succeeded Catherine Ndereba as a world record holder in 2002.[2] The record has been set in 2019 by Brigid Kosgei. Khannouchi set the last male fastest marathon world record in the Chicago Marathon in 1999.[2] After Ndereba set the record in 2001, both the men's and women's current fastest marathon world records had been set in the Chicago Marathon.[9][10]


2008 Chicago Marathon winner Evans Cheruiyot
The 2007 Chicago Marathon final 200 meters was a duel between Patrick Ivuti (right) & Jaouad Gharib (left). Ivutu won by 5/100th of a second.
2006 winner Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot in the 2007 event
2005 winner Felix Limo in 2008
The leaders of the 2007 men's race were side-by-side with less than 300 meters remaining
  New World Record
  Current Course Record
  Both a New World Record and Current Course Record
DateMale athleteCountryTimeFemale athleteCountryTime
September 25, 1977Dan Cloeter United States2:17:52Dorothy Doolittle United States2:50:47
September 24, 1978Mark Stanforth United States2:19:20Lynae Larson United States2:59:25
October 21, 1979Dan Cloeter United States2:23:20Laura Michalek United States3:15:45
September 28, 1980Frank Richardson United States2:14:04Sue Petersen United States2:45:03
September 27, 1981Phil Coppess United States2:16:13Tina Gandy United States2:49:39
September 26, 1982Greg Meyer United States2:10:59Nancy Conz United States2:33:23
October 16, 1983Joseph Nzau Kenya2:09:44Rosa Mota Portugal2:31:12
October 21, 1984Steve Jones United Kingdom2:08:05Rosa Mota Portugal2:26:01
October 20, 1985Steve Jones United Kingdom2:07:13Joan Benoit United States2:21:21
October 26, 1986Toshihiko Seko Japan2:08:27Ingrid Kristiansen Norway2:27:08
October 25, 1987[lower-alpha 1]
October 30, 1988Alejandro Cruz Mexico2:08:57Lisa Weidenbach United States2:29:17
October 29, 1989Paul Davies-Hale United Kingdom2:11:25Lisa Weidenbach United States2:28:15
October 28, 1990Martín Pitayo Mexico2:09:41Aurora Cunha Portugal2:30:11
October 27, 1991Joseildo Rocha Brazil2:14:33Midde Hamrin Sweden2:36:21
October 25, 1992Jose Cesar de Souza Brazil2:16:14Linda Somers United States2:37:41
October 31, 1993Luíz Antônio Brazil2:13:14Ritva Lemettinen Finland2:33:18
October 30, 1994Luíz Antônio Brazil2:11:16Kristy Johnston United States2:31:34
October 15, 1995Eamonn Martin United Kingdom2:11:18Ritva Lemettinen Finland2:28:27
October 20, 1996Paul Evans United Kingdom2:08:52Marian Sutton United Kingdom2:30:41
October 19, 1997Khalid Khannouchi Morocco2:07:10Marian Sutton United Kingdom2:29:03
October 11, 1998Ondoro Osoro Kenya2:06:54Joyce Chepchumba Kenya2:23:57
October 24, 1999Khalid Khannouchi Morocco2:05:42Joyce Chepchumba Kenya2:25:59
October 22, 2000Khalid Khannouchi United States2:07:01Catherine Ndereba Kenya2:21:33
October 7, 2001Ben Kimondiu Kenya2:08:52Catherine Ndereba Kenya2:18:47
October 13, 2002Khalid Khannouchi United States2:05:56Paula Radcliffe United Kingdom2:17:18
October 12, 2003Evans Rutto Kenya2:05:50Svetlana Zakharova Russia2:23:07
October 10, 2004Evans Rutto Kenya2:06:16Constantina Diță Romania2:23:45
October 9, 2005Felix Limo Kenya2:07:02Deena Kastor United States2:21:25
October 22, 2006Robert Cheruiyot Kenya2:07:35Berhane Adere Ethiopia2:20:42
October 7, 2007Patrick Ivuti Kenya2:11:11Berhane Adere Ethiopia2:33:49
October 12, 2008Evans Cheruiyot Kenya2:06:25Lidiya Grigoryeva Russia2:27:17
October 11, 2009Samuel Wanjiru Kenya2:05:41Irina Mikitenko[lower-alpha 2]  Germany2:26:31
October 10, 2010Samuel Wanjiru Kenya2:06:23Atsede Baysa[lower-alpha 2] Ethiopia2:23:40
October 9, 2011Moses Mosop Kenya2:05:37Ejegayehu Dibaba[lower-alpha 2] Ethiopia2:22:09
October 7, 2012Tsegaye Kebede Ethiopia2:04:38Atsede Baysa Ethiopia2:22:03
October 13, 2013Dennis Kimetto Kenya2:03:45Rita Jeptoo Kenya2:19:57
October 12, 2014Eliud Kipchoge Kenya2:04:11Mare Dibaba[lower-alpha 3] Ethiopia2:25:37
October 11, 2015Dickson Chumba Kenya2:09:25Florence Kiplagat Kenya2:23:33
October 9, 2016Abel Kirui Kenya2:11:23Florence Kiplagat Kenya2:21:32
October 8, 2017Galen Rupp United States2:09:20Tirunesh Dibaba Ethiopia2:18:31
October 7, 2018Mo Farah United Kingdom2:05:11Brigid Kosgei Kenya2:18:35
October 13, 2019Lawrence Cherono Kenya2:05:45Brigid Kosgei Kenya2:14:04
2020cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic[13]

Wheelchair division

DateMale athleteCountryTimeFemale athleteCountryTime
1984Robert Fitch United States2:35:06Jonnie Baylark United States3:29:10
1985Robert Fitch United States2:23:41Jayne Fortson United States2:52:22
1986Bart Bardwell United States2:10:19Jonnie Baylark United States3:23:32
1987[lower-alpha 1]Due to sponsorship complications, the event was contested as a half marathon.}}
1988Ken Luckenbaugh[14] United States2:12:17
1989Scot Hollonbeck United States1:45:30Ann Cody-Morris United States1:58:51
1990Jim Knaub United States1:42:34Ann Cody-Morris United States1:53:33
1991Philippe Couprie France1:41:21Ann Walters United States1:57:17
1992Vern Achenbach United States1:44:28Ann Walters United States1:44:29
1993James Briggs United States1:42:03Ann Walters United States1:57:34
1994James Briggs United States1:32:14Ann Walters United States1:59:45
1995James Briggs
Scot Hollonbeck
 United States
 United States
1:37:12Ann Walters United States1:57:27
1996Jacob Heilveil United States1:39:57Ann Walters United States1:52:13
1997Saul Mendoza United States1:37:42Candace Cable United States1:57:32
1998Franz Nietlispach  Switzerland1:34:22Candace Cable United States1:58:32
1999Saul Mendoza United States1:37:03Miriam Nibley United States2:03:44
2000Tony Iniguez United States1:41:00
2001Tony Iniguez United States1:37:59Christina Ripp United States1:56:58
2002Adam Bleakney United States1:40:14Tricia Downing United States1:52:50
2003Joshua George United States1:41:01Christina Ripp United States1:56:33
2004Joshua George United States1:36:13Miriam Nibley United States2:05:51
2005Krige Schabort South Africa1:29:40Miriam Ladner United States2:01:37
2006Joshua George United States1:38:31Miriam Lander United States2:04:21
2007Kurt Fearnley Australia1:28:06Amanda McGrory United States1:45:27
2008Kurt Fearnley Australia1:30:16Amanda McGrory United States1:55:12
2009Kurt Fearnley Australia1:29:09Tatyana McFadden United States1:50:47
2010Heinz Frei  Switzerland1:26:56Amanda McGrory United States1:47:25
2011Kurt Fearnley Australia1:29:18Tatyana McFadden United States1:45:03
2012Josh Cassidy Canada1:32:58Tatyana McFadden United States1:49:52
2013Ernst Van Dyk South Africa1:30:37Tatyana McFadden United States1:42:35
2014Joshua George United States1:32:12Tatyana McFadden United States1:44:50
2015Kurt Fearnley Australia1:30:46Tatyana McFadden United States1:41:10
2016Marcel Hug  Switzerland1:32:57Tatyana McFadden United States1:42:28
2017Marcel Hug  Switzerland1:29:23Tatyana McFadden United States1:39:15
2018Daniel Romanchuk United States1:31:34Manuela Schar  Switzerland1:41:38
2019Daniel Romanchuk United States1:30:26Manuela Schar  Switzerland1:41:08[15]
2020cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic[13]

Country summary

 United States912242671
 United Kingdom63009
 South Africa00202


  1. Due to sponsorship complications, the event was contested as a half marathon.
  2. Liliya Shobukhova finished first in 2009, 2010 and 2011 but was subsequently disqualified and records erased because of a positive drug test. Her penalty was announced in 2014.[11]
  3. Rita Jeptoo tested positive in an out-of-competition drug test for EPO on September 25, 2014. The drug test was confirmed in December 20, 2014, and her two-year suspension was made retroactive to the date of the positive test, which was before the Chicago Marathon, on October 12, 2014 when she had originally finished first in 2:24:35.[12]


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