3rd millennium

In contemporary history, the third millennium of the anno Domini or Common Era in the Gregorian calendar is the current millennium spanning the years 2001 to 3000 (21st to 30th centuries). Ongoing futures studies seek to understand what is likely to continue and what could plausibly change in the course of this period and beyond.

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A 2020 vision of how the supply chain for bacteriophages might be organised in 2035.

Plans and goals

  • NASA plans to execute a human mission to Mars between 2031 and 2035.[1]
  • Targets of the goals of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda are set to 2030.[2]
  • The 2030 Climate Target Plan of the EU aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. After the plan was presented in September, the European Commission will review, and possibly propose to revise all relevant policy instruments to achieve its additional emission reductions by June 2021.[3]
  • The international community, including the United Nations, World Bank, and United States, have set the goal of completely eradicating extreme poverty by 2030.[4] Noting a significant decline in extreme poverty since 1990, the World Bank has noted that the end of extreme poverty is in sight and pledged to cut it down to at most 3% of the world's population by this time.[5]
  • The World Health Organization and UNICEF have set a goal for universal access to basic sanitation by 2030.[6]
  • The United Nations has made it a goal that Internet access and literacy will be universal by 2030.[7][8]
  • The World Bank has called for all countries to implement universal health care by this time.[9]
  • Saudi Vision 2030
  • Melbourne 2030

Expected events

  • 2030 (MMXXX) – new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from sale in the UK.[10]
  • 2030, Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is expected to be completed by 2030.[11]
  • 2031 (MMXXXI) – ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics), which is an X-ray observatory, is planned to launch this year.
  • 2033, 18 May – At 03:33:20 (UTC), the Unix time stamp will equal 2000000000 seconds.
  • 2033: The planned final phase of the UK's High Speed 2 rail link is scheduled to be completed.[12]
  • 2033: A Jubilee will be held in the Catholic Church, in this case 2000 years after the traditional year of Jesus' death and resurrection.[13]
  • 2034 (MMXXXIV) – As of 2011, Switzerland is scheduled to phase out the last of its nuclear power plants.[14]
  • 2034: The European Space Agency may launch the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna.[15]
  • 2034: ODINUS may be launched on a mission to explore Uranus and Neptune.
  • 2035 (MMXXXV), 8 January – Near-Earth object 2002 AY1 will make a close approach to Earth.
  • 2035: The US State of California will require all car sales be zero-emission vehicles by this year.[16]
  • 2036 (MMXXXVI), 7 February – The 64-bit timestamps used by NTP, which consists of a 32-bit part for seconds and a 32-bit part for fractional seconds that gives a time scale that rolls over every 232 seconds (136 years) and a theoretical resolution of 2−32 seconds (233 picoseconds), and due to the fact that the NTP uses an epoch of 1 January 1900, will cause the first roll over to occur in this year.[17]
  • 2037: Certain documents relating to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's wishes to preserve a monarchy if the Nazis occupied the UK are to be released from the Royal Archives.
  • 2037: The Oxford English Dictionary is expected to publish its completed revised third edition.[18]
  • 2038 (MMXXXVIII), 19 January – 03:14:08 UTC – Many 32-bit computer clocks overflow, potentially confusing the date as 13 December 1901. Known as the Year 2038 problem, similar to the Year 2000 problem.
  • 2038, 12 April – Documents related to the NSA's PRISM program are to be declassified by the U.S. Government.[19]
  • 2038, 25 April – Easter will occur on its latest possible date. The last time this occurred was in 1943 and after 2038, the next time it will occur will be in 2190.
  • 2038, 26 December – A total solar eclipse will occur on the Southern Hemisphere. It will start on the south of the Indian Ocean, will cross Australia and New Zealand and it will end in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.
  • 2039 (MMXXXIX), 2 September – The Destroyers for Bases Agreement's 99-year rent-free leases to the U.S. by the U.K. will expire.

Plans and goals

  • Oman Vision 2040

Expected events

  • 2040 (MMXL) 1, 1 January – Books, films and other works published in 1944 (including Disney's next animated feature The Three Caballeros) will enter the public domain in the United States.
  • 2041 (MMXLI): 1 January – Books, films and other works published in 1945 are scheduled to enter the public domain under existing U.S. copyright law, including all works by Bela Bartok and Anne Frank.
  • 2041: The Antarctic treaty is scheduled to come under review.[20][21]
  • 2041: The joint venture partnership between Volkswagen Group China and SAIC Motor is scheduled to end.[22]
  • 2042 (MMXLII) 1 January: Books, films and other works published in 1946 will enter the public domain in the United States.
  • 2042 April 30: A Nickelodeon time capsule, sealed in April 1992, is scheduled to be opened.[23]
  • 2042 September 17: A common computing representation of date and time on IBM mainframe systems will overflow with potential results similar to the year 2000 problem.
  • 2043 (MMXLIII) 1 January: Books, films and other works published in 1947 (including Disney's next animated feature Fun and Fancy Free) will enter the public domain in the United States.
  • 2044 (MMXLIV) 31 December: After this date, works published between 1 January 1978, and 31 December 2002, have the possibility of entering the public domain in the United States. The existing copyright law specifically prohibits any work created during that period from automatically entering the public domain before this date.[24]
  • 2047 (MMXLVII) 1 July: The present "one country, two systems" arrangement in Hong Kong is scheduled to end in 2047, as it was guaranteed for 50 years starting from 1 July 1997, provided under the Hong Kong Basic Law. The agreement was raised by Deng Xiaoping to deal with Hong Kong's reunification with the People's Republic of China in 1997, and stipulated in the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984. What will be done is not stated in any document.[25] (Many observers say the system was de facto ended with the introduction of the Hong Kong national security law in 2020.)
  • 2048 (MMXLVIII) 14 January: The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty is scheduled to come up for review.[26][27]
  • 2049 (MMXLIX) 1 October: Scheduled completion of the Belt and Road Initiative, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.[28]
  • 2049 December 20: The present "One country, two systems" with Macau, guaranteed for 50 years starting from 20 December 1999, provided under the Basic Law and the Joint Declaration on the Question of Macau, will expire.[29]


  • 2050 (MML): Three-North Shelter Forest Program is expected to be completed.[30]
  • 2050: President Joe Biden says his plan will ensure that the United States will be 100% clean energy economy, and reaches net-zero emissions, by 2050.[31]
  • 2050: Arnulf Jaeger-Walden of the European commission's Institute for Energy believes that solar power from North Africa can provide 100 GW to the entire continent of Europe.[32]
  • 2050: Under a plan announced in July 2016, New Zealand aims to eradicate all non-native rats, possums, and mustelids by this year.[33]
  • 2050: The United States Airforce is set to retire the B-52 Bomber from service.
  • 2050: A time capsule in Rachel, Nevada is set to be opened in this year.[34]
  • 2051 (MMLI), April – One of the METI messages Cosmic Call 1 sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar in 1999 arrives at its destination, Gliese 777 star.
  • 2051, 1 June – The Washington State Ferries time capsule is scheduled to be opened, celebrating WSF's 100th anniversary.
  • 2054 (MMLIV), 7 November – The lease agreement International Speedway Corporation has with Daytona Beach Racing and Recreational Facilities District expires.[35]
  • 2054, Hawksbill Creek Agreement tax exempt status is scheduled to expire.
  • 2057 (MMLVII), February – A METI message Cosmic Call 1 sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar arrives at its destination, 15 Sge star.
  • 2057, May – A METI message, called the Teen Age Message, sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar arrives at its destination, HD 76151 star.
  • 2057, December – A METI message, called the Teen Age Message, sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar arrives at its destination, 37 Gem star.
  • 2057, In the UK, the Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL) contract to run the M6 Toll expires.
  • 2058 (MMLVIII), The Beatles catalogue will enter the public domain, assuming that copyright is not extended again.
  • 2059 (MMLIX), January – A METI message, called the Teen Age Message, sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar arrives at its destinations, HD 126053 star and HD 193664 star.


  • 2061 (MMLXI), 1 September: A time capsule at St. Gabriel School in Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada is scheduled to be opened for its 150th anniversary of its school division (Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools).
  • 2061, 24 July: Expect to see Halley's comet since the perihelion last time it reached in 1986.
  • 2061, 31 December: Expiration of the Singapore-Malaysia Water Agreement.
  • 2063, 23 November: 100th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who.[36]
  • 2065 (MMLXV), 22 November: Venus occults Jupiter, the first planet-planet occultation since 3 January 1818. The next planet-planet occultation will occur less than two years later, on 15 July 2067 (when Mercury occults Neptune).
  • 2067 (MMLXVII), 15 February: Assuming no further extensions to the term of copyrights become law in the interim, all sound recordings fixed before 15 February 1972, will enter the public domain in the U.S.[37]
  • 2068 (MMLXVIII): One of four time capsules at the Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument is scheduled to be opened 100 years after it was locked.


  • 2070 (MMLXX): In 2020 scientists reported that by 2070 1 to 3 billion people, mostly living in regions with little adaptive capacity, are projected to be left outside the historically favourable climate conditions, the "human temperature niche", depending on patterns of population growth and climate change mitigation, without levels of migration unlikely to be sustainable.[38][39][40]
  • 2076 (MMLXXVI) 4 July: Tricentennial (300th Anniversary) of the United States Declaration of Independence since 1776.
  • 2077 (MMLXXVII): The British Monarchy will turn 1,000 years old, taking into account the 11 years it was a Commonwealth.


  • 2089 (MMLXXXIX), May–June: Insect Magicicada broods X (17-year) and XIX (13-year) will emerge simultaneously. This will be the first time this will occur since 1868; next time will be in 2310. This event occurs only once in every 221 years.[41]


  • 2090 (MMXC): The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund is set to expire.[42]
  • 2092 (MMXCII): Work on cleaning up the site of the Oldbury Nuclear Power Station[lower-alpha 1] is scheduled to be complete in 2092 (early estimate).[43]
  • 19 March 2094 (MMXCIV): A time capsule sealed exactly seventy-five years before, is scheduled to be opened at Denver International Airport.[44]
  • 7 April 2094: Mercury transits Jupiter, this is the only known such event of the decade.[45]
  • 12 June 2094: 12 June – Books, films and other works published in 1994 (including Disney's next animated feature The Lion King) will enter the public domain in the United States.
  • 2097 (MMXCVII): A time capsule, sealed 100 years earlier, is scheduled to be opened in Baltimore's Inner Harbor to celebrate 300 years of the city's incorporation.[46]
  • 2099 (MMXCIX): The 99-year lease for Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York City is set to expire.[47]

22nd century


  • 2100 (MMC): On 14 March (which will be 29 February in the Julian calendar), the difference between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar reaches 14 days. Since 14 is divisible by 7, this will be the first time in history since its inception that the Gregorian calendar has the same day of the week for each day of the year as the Julian calendar. This will last until 28 February, 2200 of the Gregorian Calendar.
  • 2103 (MMCIII): Per an agreement between the National Archives and Caroline Kennedy, the jacket Jackie Kennedy wore on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated cannot be displayed in public until this year.[48]
  • FAT file systems theoretically support dates up to 31 December, 2107 (though officially only up to 31 December 2099).
  • 27 April, 2109 (MMCIX) – A time capsule placed under the floor boards of the Old Queens Building at Rutgers University, in New Jersey, buried on 27 April 2009, is scheduled to be opened.[49]


  • The Chernobyl New Safe Confinement reaches end of designed lifetime in the 2110s.
  • 19 September, 2110 (MMCX) – A time capsule at the Plaza de Armas in Santiago, Chile is intended to be opened. It was buried in 2010.
  • 18 November, 2112 (MMCXII) – The city of Beaumont, California in the United States is scheduled to open a time capsule in honour of its bicentennial.
  • 2112 – A time capsule buried in Weavers Academy, Wellingborough, UK, will be opened after 100 years of being buried.
  • 2115 (MMCXV) – The first book from the Future Library project will be published, 100 years after being submitted by author Margaret Atwood.[50]
  • 2115: The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) initiated by Stanford University will be concluded.[51][52][53]
  • 18 November, 2115 – In 2015, Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich teamed up with Louis XIII de Rémy Martin (cognac) to create a film called 100 Years. It was put into a time capsule and is scheduled to be released exactly 100 years later.


  • November 2120 (MMCXX) – A South African vault of thousands of time capsules containing present-day information for future generations' use will be opened, 101 years after burial. The Vault 2120 is located at Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind and was sealed in November 2019. The vault will only be opened in the year 2120. The vault and its thousands of time capsules have been buried at least two metres underground at the Maropeng Visitor Centre.[54]


  • 2132 (MMCXXXII) – A time capsule on Rideau Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is intended to be opened that year. It was buried in 1982.


  • 2140 (MMCXL): All Bitcoins will be mined.


  • The Year type in MySQL supports dates up to 31 December, 2155 (MMCLV).


  • 2193 (MMCXCIII) – A time capsule at the York Civic Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is scheduled to be opened that year.[55] It was buried in 1997.

23rd century

  • 2227 (MMCCXXVII)–2247 (MMCCXLVII): Pluto will be closer to the Sun than Neptune is for the first time since the year 1999.
  • 2265 (MMCCLXV): Return of the Great Comet of 1861.
  • 2284 (MMCCLXXXIV): Possible the perihelion of Halley's Comet might come back after the year 2209.
  • 22 March, 2285 (MMCCLXXXV): Easter will occur on its earliest possible date for the first time since the year 1818.

24th century

  • 2400 (MMCD): The first century leap year since 2000.

25th century

  • 2453: 1,000 years since the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire
  • 2476 (MMCDLXXVI): 2,000 years since the collapse of the Western Roman Empire

27th century

  • The 639-year-long performance of John Cage's organ work As Slow as Possible (began in 2001) is scheduled to finish at the St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany on 5 September, 2640 (MMDCXL).[56]

29th century

  • The CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) lease on the O&Q (Ontario and Quebec) will end on 4 January, 2883 (MMDCCCLXXXIII) after a 999-year lease.
  • The St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery (Happy Valley) in Hong Kong lease on Wanzai's Saint Fulan gentleman street will end after a 999-year lease.

30th century

  • 2968 (MMCMLXVIII): The Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument in Amarillo, Texas, contains four separate time capsules, the last of which is intended to be opened 1,000 years after the Time Columns Monument was locked in 1968.
  • 2999 (MMCMXCIX): The time capsule in Chinook Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is scheduled to be opened on 31 December, 2999 after being sealed in 1999.[57]
  • 2999: The Longplayer composition is set to finish on 31 December, 2999, marking the end of the thousand-year piece of music which began on 1 January 2000.

Far future

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