3000 metres steeplechase

The 3000 metres steeplechase or 3000-meter steeplechase is the most common distance for the steeplechase in track and field. It is an obstacle race over the distance of the 3000 metres, which derives its name from the horse racing steeplechase.

3000 metres steeplechase
3000 m steeplechase at Rio 2016
World records
Men Saif Saaeed Shaheen 7:53.63 (2004)
Women Beatrice Chepkoech 8:44.32 (2018)
Olympic records
Men Conseslus Kipruto 8:03.28 (2016)
Women Gulnara Galkina 8:58.81 (2008)
World Championship records
Men Ezekiel Kemboi 8:00.43 (2009)
Women Beatrice Chepkoech 8:57.84 (2019)


It is one of the track events in the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships; it is also an event recognized by World Athletics.[1] The obstacles for the men are 914 millimetres (36.0 in) high, and for the women 762 millimetres (30.0 in).

The water jump consists of a barrier followed by a pit of water with a landing area defined as follows: The pit is 3.66m (12 feet) square. The pit's forward-direction measurement starts from the approach edge of the barrier and ends at the point where the water jump slope reaches the flat surface of the steeple pathway. Rulebook language simply but clearly says "The water jump, including the hurdle, shall be 3.66m in length." Pits have an upward slope; the water is deeper near the barrier and is within 2 cm of ground level at the departure end. That slope begins approximately 30 cm (12 in) forward of the barrier at which point the water is 70 cm (28 in) deep.

The length of the race is usually 3,000 metres (9,843 ft); junior and some masters events are 2,000 metres (6,562 ft), as women's events used to be. The circuit has four ordinary barriers and one water jump. During the course of the race, each runner must clear a total of 28 ordinary barriers and seven water jumps. This entails seven complete laps after starting with a fraction of a lap run without barriers. The water jump is located on the back turn, either inside the inner lane or outside the outer lane. If it is on the outside, then each of the seven laps is longer than the standard 400 m, and the starting point is on the home straight. If the water jump is on the inside, each lap is shorter than 400 m, the starting point is on the back straight, so the water jump and barrier in the home straight are bypassed in the first half lap at the start.

The dimension of an obstacle

Unlike those used in hurdling, steeplechase barriers do not fall over if hit, and the rules allow an athlete to negotiate the barrier by any means, so many runners step on top of them. Four barriers are spaced around the track on level ground, and a fifth barrier at the top of the second turn (fourth barrier in a complete lap from the finish line) is the water jump. The slope of the water jump rewards runners with more jumping ability, because a longer jump results in a shallower landing in the water.

All-time top 25

Olympic medalists


The water jump in the men's steeplechase at the 1908 Summer Olympics
Games Gold Silver Bronze
1920 Antwerp
Percy Hodge
 Great Britain
Patrick Flynn
 United States
Ernesto Ambrosini
1924 Paris
Ville Ritola
Elias Katz
Paul Bontemps
1928 Amsterdam
Toivo Loukola
Paavo Nurmi
Ove Andersen
1932 Los Angeles
Volmari Iso-Hollo
Thomas Evenson
 Great Britain
Joe McCluskey
 United States
1936 Berlin
Volmari Iso-Hollo
Kalle Tuominen
Alfred Dompert
1948 London
Tore Sjöstrand
Erik Elmsäter
Göte Hagström
1952 Helsinki
Horace Ashenfelter
 United States
Vladimir Kazantsev
 Soviet Union
John Disley
 Great Britain
1956 Melbourne
Chris Brasher
 Great Britain
Sándor Rozsnyói
Ernst Larsen
1960 Rome
Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak
Nikolay Sokolov
 Soviet Union
Semyon Rzhishchin
 Soviet Union
1964 Tokyo
Gaston Roelants
Maurice Herriott
 Great Britain
Ivan Belyayev
 Soviet Union
1968 Mexico City
Amos Biwott
Benjamin Kogo
George Young
 United States
1972 Munich
Kipchoge Keino
Ben Jipcho
Tapio Kantanen
1976 Montreal
Anders Gärderud
Bronisław Malinowski
Frank Baumgartl
 East Germany
1980 Moscow
Bronisław Malinowski
Filbert Bayi
Eshetu Tura
1984 Los Angeles
Julius Korir
Joseph Mahmoud
Brian Diemer
 United States
1988 Seoul
Julius Kariuki
Peter Koech
Mark Rowland
 Great Britain
1992 Barcelona
Matthew Birir
Patrick Sang
William Mutwol
1996 Atlanta
Joseph Keter
Moses Kiptanui
Alessandro Lambruschini
2000 Sydney
Reuben Kosgei
Wilson Boit Kipketer
Ali Ezzine
2004 Athens
Ezekiel Kemboi
Brimin Kipruto
Paul Kipsiele Koech
2008 Beijing
Brimin Kipruto
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad
Richard Kipkemboi Mateelong
2012 London
Ezekiel Kemboi
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad
Abel Mutai
2016 Rio de Janeiro
Conseslus Kipruto
Evan Jager
 United States
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad


Games Gold Silver Bronze
2008 Beijing[nb]
Gulnara Samitova-Galkina
Eunice Jepkorir
Tatyana Petrova Arkhipova
2012 London[nb2]
Habiba Ghribi
Sofia Assefa
Milcah Chemos Cheywa
2016 Rio de Janeiro
Ruth Jebet
Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi
Emma Coburn
 United States
  • nb Yekaterina Volkova of Russia was originally the 2008 women's steeplechase bronze medalist, but she was subsequently disqualified for doping and her teammate Arkhipova was allocated the medal.[34]
  • nb2 Yuliya Zaripova of Russia was originally the 2012 women's steeplechase champion, but she was subsequently disqualified for doping. Ghribi, Sofia Assefa and Chemos were all elevated one place as a result.[35]

World Championships medalists


Championships Gold Silver Bronze
1983 Helsinki
 Patriz Ilg (FRG)  Bogusław Mamiński (POL)  Colin Reitz (GBR)
1987 Rome
 Francesco Panetta (ITA)  Hagen Melzer (GDR)  William Van Dijck (BEL)
1991 Tokyo
 Moses Kiptanui (KEN)  Patrick Sang (KEN)  Azzedine Brahmi (ALG)
1993 Stuttgart
 Moses Kiptanui (KEN)  Patrick Sang (KEN)  Alessandro Lambruschini (ITA)
1995 Gothenburg
 Moses Kiptanui (KEN)  Christopher Kosgei (KEN)  Saad Al-Asmari (KSA)
1997 Athens
 Wilson Boit Kipketer (KEN)  Moses Kiptanui (KEN)  Bernard Barmasai (KEN)
1999 Seville
 Christopher Kosgei (KEN)  Wilson Boit Kipketer (KEN)  Ali Ezzine (MAR)
2001 Edmonton
 Reuben Kosgei (KEN)  Ali Ezzine (MAR)  Bernard Barmasai (KEN)
2003 Saint-Denis
 Saif Saaeed Shaheen (QAT)  Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Eliseo Martín (ESP)
2005 Helsinki
 Saif Saaeed Shaheen (QAT)  Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Brimin Kipruto (KEN)
2007 Osaka
 Brimin Kipruto (KEN)  Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Richard Mateelong (KEN)
2009 Berlin
 Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Richard Mateelong (KEN)  Bouabdellah Tahri (FRA)
2011 Daegu
 Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Brimin Kipruto (KEN)  Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad (FRA)
2013 Moscow
 Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Conseslus Kipruto (KEN)  Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad (FRA)
2015 Beijing
 Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Conseslus Kipruto (KEN)  Brimin Kipruto (KEN)
2017 London
 Conseslus Kipruto (KEN)  Soufiane El Bakkali (MAR)  Evan Jager (USA)
2019 Doha
 Conseslus Kipruto (KEN)  Lamecha Girma (ETH)  Soufiane El Bakkali (MAR)


Women's race at the 2007 World Championships
Championships Gold Silver Bronze
2005 Helsinki
 Dorcus Inzikuru (UGA)  Yekaterina Volkova (RUS)  Jeruto Kiptum (KEN)
2007 Osaka
 Yekaterina Volkova (RUS)  Tatyana Petrova (RUS)  Eunice Jepkorir (KEN)
2009 Berlin
Vacant [36][37]  Yuliya Zarudneva (RUS)  Milcah Chemos Cheywa (KEN)
2011 Daegu
 Habiba Ghribi (TUN)  Milcah Chemos Cheywa (KEN)  Mercy Wanjiku (KEN)
2013 Moscow
 Milcah Chemos Cheywa (KEN)  Lydiah Chepkurui (KEN)  Sofia Assefa (ETH)
2015 Beijing
 Hyvin Jepkemoi (KEN)  Habiba Ghribi (TUN)  Gesa Felicitas Krause (GER)
2017 London
 Emma Coburn (USA)  Courtney Frerichs (USA)  Hyvin Jepkemoi (KEN)
2019 Doha
 Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN)  Emma Coburn (USA)  Gesa Felicitas Krause (GER)

Season's bests

National records


NR's inside 8:30.00 min:

Nation Time Athlete Date Place
 Qatar 7:53.63 Saif Saaeed Shaheen 3 September 2004 Brussels
 Kenya 7:53.64 Brimin Kipruto 22 July 2011 Monaco
 Morocco 7:55.28 Brahim Boulami 24 August 2001 Brussels
 France 8:00.09 Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad 6 July 2013 Saint-Denis
 United States 8:00.45 Evan Jager 4 July 2015 Saint-Denis
 Ethiopia 8:01.36 Lamecha Girma 4 October 2019 Doha
 Uganda8:03.81Benjamin Kiplagat8 July 2010Lausanne
 Netherlands8:04.95Simon Vroemen26 August 2005Brussels
 Spain 8:05.69 Fernando Carro 12 July 2019 Monaco
 Sweden8:05.75Mustafa Mohamed28 July 2007Heusden
 Bahrain8:06.13Tareq Mubarak Taher13 July 2009Athens
 United Kingdom8:07.96Mark Rowland30 September 1988Seoul
 Saudi Arabia8:08.14Sa'ad Shaddad Al-Asmari16 July 2002Stockholm
 Italy8:08.57Francesco Panetta5 September 1989Rome
 Poland8:09.11Bronisław Malinowski28 July 1976Montreal
 Germany8:09.48Damian Kallabis11 August 1999Zürich
 Belgium8:10.01William Van Dijck15 September 1986Brussels
 Algeria8:10.23Laid Bessou18 August 2000Monaco
 China8:10.46Sun Ripeng19 October 1997Shanghai
 Finland8:10.67Jukka Keskisalo28 August 2009Zürich
 Austria8:10.83Günther Weidlinger21 August 1999Seville
 Eritrea 8:11.22 Yemane Haileselassie 8 June 2017 Rome
 South Africa 8:11.50 Ruben Ramolefi 29 August 2011 Deagu
 Canada 8:11.64 Matthew Hughes 15 August 2013 Moscow
 Norway8:12.05Jim Svenøy22 August 1997Brussels
 Tanzania8:12.48Filbert Bayi31 July 1980Moscow
 Romania8:13.26Florin Ionescu21 August 1999Seville
 New Zealand8:14.05Peter Renner29 August 1984Koblenz
 Tunisia 8:14.05 Amor Ben Yahia 29 June 2013 Mersin
 Brazil8:14.41Wander Moura22 March 1995Mar del Plata
 Russia8:15.54Pavel Potapovich4 July 2003Saint-Denis
 Australia8:16.22Shaun Creighton2 July 1993Villeneuve d'Ascq
 Slovenia8:16.96Boštjan Buč12 June 2003Ostrava
 Japan8:17.46Ryuji Miura9 May 2021Tokyo
 Turkey 8:17.85 Tarik Langat Akdag 3 August 2012 London
 Hungary8:17.97Gábor Markó21 July 1984Potsdam
 Moldova8:18.97Ion Luchianov16 August 2008Beijing
 Uzbekistan 8:19.75 Anatoliy Dimov 31 July 1980 Moscow
 Portugal 8:19.82 Manuel Silva 27 July 2004 Stockholm
 India 8:20.20 Avinash Sable 17 March 2021 Patiala
 Venezuela 8:20.87 José Peña 1 September 2013 Berlin
 Bulgaria 8:20.87 Mitko Tsenov 12 June 2014 Huelva
 Ukraine 8:21.75 Andriy Popelyayev 19 July 1984 Moscow
 Lithuania 8:22.2 Vladimiras Dudinas 19 August 1969 Kyiv
  Switzerland 8:22.24 Christian Belz 4 June 2001 Hengelo
 Iran 8:22.79 Hosein Keyhani 27 August 2018 Jakarta
 Denmark 8:22.9 Flemming Jensen 30 April 1983 Eugene
 Uruguay 8:23.02 Ricardo Vera 28 June 1992 Hengelo
 Djibouti 8:23.65 Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim 27 June 2018 Nancy
 Czech Republic 8:23.8 Dusan Moravcik 17 September 1972 Prague
 Greece8:24.01Filippos Filippou15 September 1983Casablanca
 Ireland8:24.09Brendan Quinn30 August 1985Brussels
 Kazakhstan 8:24.13 Artyom Kosinov 11 June 2012 Moscow
 Israel 8:24.14 Itai Maggidi 4 July 2008 Longeville-lès-Metz
 Belarus 8:25.2 Aleksandr Vorobey 6 July 1980 Moscow
 Zambia 8:25.49 Godfrey Siamusiye 16 July 1995 Birmingham
 Argentina 8:25.63 Marcelo Cascabelo 4 June 1989 Belgrade
 Mexico 8:25.69 Salvador Miranda 8 July 2000 Barakaldo
 Cuba 8:26.16 José Sanchez 19 June 2009 Havana
 Puerto Rico 8:27.91 Alexander Greaux 10 July 2004 Barakaldo
 Georgia 8:28.0 Sergey Skripka 11 June 1977 Moscow
 Estonia 8:28.55 Kaur Kivistik 3 September 2019 Zagreb
 Colombia 8:28.6 Gerald Giraldo 29 November 2013 Trujillo
 Peru 8:28.67 Mario Bazán 16 August 2009 Berlin
 Serbia 8:28.80 Vule Maksimović 4 September 1989 Budapest
 Egypt 8:28.87 Salem Mohamed Attiaallah 17 July 2019 Barcelona
 Chile 8:28.99 Emilio Ulloa 8 August 1984 Los Angeles


NR's inside 9:30.00 min:

Nation Time Athlete Date Place
 Kenya 8:44.32 Beatrice Chepkoech 20 July 2018 Monaco
 Bahrain 8:52.78 Ruth Jebet 27 August 2016 Saint-Denis
 Russia 8:58.81 Gulnara Galkina 17 August 2008 Beijing
 United States 9:00.85 Courtney Frerichs 20 July 2018 Monaco
 Ethiopia 9:02.52 Mekides Abebe 28 May 2021 Doha
 Germany 9:03.30 Gesa-Felicitas Krause 28 September 2019 Doha
 Tunisia 9:05.36 Habiba Ghribi 11 September 2015 Brussels
 Uganda 9:07.94 Peruth Chemutai 20 July 2018 Monaco
 Spain 9:09.39 Marta Domínguez 25 July 2009 Barcelona
 Norway 9:13.35 Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal 26 August 2017 Sandnes
 Denmark 9:13.46 Anna Emilie Møller 30 September 2019 Doha
 Turkey 9:13.53 Gülcan Mıngır 9 June 2012 Sofia
 Jamaica 9:14.09 Aisha Praught-Leer 31 August 2018 Brussels
 Australia 9:14.28 Genevieve LaCaze 27 August 2016 Saint-Denis
 Belarus 9:16.51 Alesya Turova 27 July 2002 Gdańsk
 Slovenia 9:16.82 Maruša Mišmaš-Zrimsek 28 May 2021 Doha
 Romania9:16.85Cristina Casandra17 August 2008Beijing
 Poland9:17.15Wioletta Janowska3 July 2006Athens
 Portugal 9:18.54 Jessica Augusto 9 June 2010 Huelva
 India 9:19.76 Lalita Babar 13 August 2016 Rio de Janeiro
 Albania 9:19.93 Luiza Gega 30 September 2019 Doha
 China 9:20.32 Zhang Xinyan 8 April 2021 Shaoxing
 Morocco 9:20.64 Salima El Ouali Alami 17 July 2015 Monaco
  Switzerland 9:21.65 Fabienne Schlumpf 15 June 2017 Oslo
 Sweden 9:23.96 Charlotta Fougberg 12 July 2014 Glasgow
 United Kingdom 9:24.24 Barbara Parker 2 June 2012 Eugene
 Finland 9:24.70 Sandra Eriksson 12 July 2014 Glasgow
 France 9:25.62 Sophie Duarte 10 July 2009 Rome
 Algeria 9:25.90 Amina Betiche 17 May 2017 Baku
 Argentina 9:25.99 Belén Casetta 11 August 2017 London
 Hungary 9:26.59 Zita Kácser 31 August 2019 Budapest
 Latvia 9:27.21 Poļina Jeļizarova 4 August 2012 London
 Ukraine 9:27.26 Valentyna Horpynych 7 June 2008 Yalta
 Netherlands 9:27.38 Irene van der Reijken 3 June 2021 Huelva
 Italy 9:27.48 Elena Romagnolo 15 August 2008 Beijing
 Ireland 9:28.29 Roisin McGettigan 28 July 2007 Heusden-Zolder
 Belgium 9:28.47 Veerle Dejaeghere 2 June 2007 Neerpelt
 Israel 9:29.74 Adva Cohen 12 August 2018 Berlin
 Canada 9:29.82 Geneviève Lalonde 18 May 2019 Shanghai


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