Tendon injury


Tendons of the upper extremity anatomy

  • Fingers
    • FDP (DIP flexion)
    • FDS (PIP flexion)
    • Extensor dig communis (extension)
  • Thumb
    • Flx pollicis longus (flexion)
    • Ex poll longus (DIP ext)
    • Ex poll brevis (MCP ext)
    • Abductor poll longus (abduction)
  • Wrist
    • Flexor carpi ulnaris (flx + ulnar deviation)
    • Flexor carpi radialis (flx + radial dev)
    • Extensor carpi ulnaris (ext + ulnar dev)
    • Extensor carpi radialis (ext + radial dev)

Tendons of the lower extremity

  • Extensor hallicis longus
    • Great to ext + ankle inversion
  • Tibialis anterior
    • Ankle dorsiflex + inversion
    • Achilles tendon
      • Ankle plantarflex + inversion

Differential Diagnosis

Extremity trauma

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