Polycystic kidney disease


  • Multisystemic and progressive disorder resulting in renal cysts and renal enlargement
  • Hereditary disorder, autosomal dominant
  • Accounts for ~2% of new cases of renal failure each year


Clinical Features

  • Clinical presentation typically begins in 3rd to 4th decade of life, but may be detectable in childhood
  • Abdominal pain, flank pain and/or back pain is most common initial symptom.
    • Pain due to:
      • enlargement of cysts
      • bleeding within cyst or gross hematuria with clots or perinephric hematoma
      • urinary tract infection
      • nephrolithiasis
  • Hematuria
    • self-limited
    • cysts are susceptible to traumatic injury
  • Hypertension
    • common early manifestation
    • increased diastolic



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