Clinical Features

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) - Must have 5 of the following features for >2 wks[1]

  • Depressed mood or anhedonia (must be present)
    • Sleep decreased (Insomnia with 2-4 am awakening)
    • Interest decreased in activities
    • Guilt or worthlessness (Not a major criteria)
    • Energy decreased
    • Concentration difficulties
    • Appetite disturbance or weight loss
    • Psychomotor retardation/agitation
    • Suicidal thoughts

Differential Diagnosis

General Psychiatric


  • Evaluate suicide risk
  • Depression screening with PHQ-9, the PHQ-2, the Beck Depression Inventory for Primary Care, and the WHO-5

General ED Psychiatric Workup


  • Psych consult or admission if high risk of suicide
  • Consider consult with psychiatric team in other cases, particularly if severe symptoms and patient not already plugged into psych care
  • Pharmacologic agents (typically not started in ED due to need for monitoring and adjustment)


See Also

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