Dental caries (pulpitis)


Clinical Features

  • Reversible Pulpitis
    • Duration of pain is short (seconds)
    • Associated with noxious stimuli (usually cold or heat, can also be elicited by sweat and sour)
  • Irreversible Pulpitis
    • Duration of pain is long (hours) and intense
    • Associated with noxious stimuli or may occur spontaneously

Differential Diagnosis

Dentoalveolar Injuries

Odontogenic Infections



  • Clinical evaluation
  • X-Ray images
  • Dental referral


  • Short term management with local anesthetics
  • Antibiotics controversial for dental pain alone without evidence of infection
  • Antibiotic choices: Penicillin VK or clindamycin
  • Definitive therapy with root canal or extraction (for irreversible pulpitis)


  • Discharge with dental follow-up

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