• Type: Topical analgesic
  • Dosage Forms:
  • Routes of Administration: Topical
  • Common Trade Names:

Adult Dosing

  • Apply to affected area TID or QID

Pediatric Dosing

Not approved for pediatric use

Special Populations

Pregnancy Rating

  • Category B

Lactation risk

  • Unknown if absorbed and excreted in milk. DO NOT apply to nipple!

Renal Dosing

  • Not established

Hepatic Dosing

  • Not established


  • Allergy to class/drug
  • Application to broken or infected skin

Adverse Reactions


  • Transient increased pain at application site (dissipates w/ continued use)
  • Application site erythema
  • Pain
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Rash, dryness pruritus, edema, exfoliation, skin odor
  • Hypertension
  • Sinusitis, bronchitis, cough
  • Dizziness, Headache


  • Half-life:
  • Metabolism:
  • Excretion:

Mechanism of Action

  • "Transient receptor potential vanilloid-1 (TRPV1) agonist; topical application causes initial TRPV1 stimulation that may cause pain, followed by pain relief by reduction in TRPV1-expressing nociceptive nerve endings"[1]


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