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451 AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE 2011-02-24T10:41:59.140

260 StackTack, a JavaScript widget you can stick anywhere 2010-06-04T06:13:49.100

250 Column 80 - Plain Text optimised Stack Exchange 2010-06-05T00:22:29.890

185 Flack Overstow - Generate spam from Stack Exchange posts 2010-05-27T03:08:43.757

160 StackApplet — Bringing Stack Exchange Notifications to Your Desktop [Large scale rewrite in progress] 2010-05-20T23:30:54.250

159 OBSOLETE - Six to Eight: An iPhone client 2010-06-09T08:47:55.920

155 "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep 2012-02-06T16:41:14.647

148 StinkingBadges - Track your progress towards long-term badges 2012-01-21T21:37:57.960

132 SENotifier, a Stack Exchange inbox notifier for Mac OS X 2012-02-06T09:28:37.343

130 Py-StackExchange: An API wrapper for Python 2010-05-23T02:21:30.980

128 API "Hello World" code 2010-05-19T21:32:22.647

124 StackPrinter: The Stack Exchange Printer Suite 2010-05-21T23:44:29.220

119 Stacky - A .NET client library (Full support for API v2.0) 2010-05-19T22:11:09.680

119 Stack Remote - Free Android app dedicated towards Stack Exchange sites! 2012-02-24T16:28:29.393

110 API Documentation and Help 2010-05-19T21:31:53.203

105 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) 2015-01-11T15:40:35.450

104 StackExchange™ SuperCollider Freehand Circle™ Editor - [Now supported on EVERY StackExchange site!] 2011-03-02T23:49:16.150

99 "Reply" links on comments 2011-02-16T12:06:52.727

99 Official keyboard shortcuts 2011-09-01T11:58:05.253

92 StacksGuru: a near realtime bot for all Stack Exchange sites 2010-05-28T20:33:29.847

92 The Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP) 2014-01-13T07:09:04.640

83 How to list your application/library/wrapper/script here 2010-05-19T23:09:24.920

83 Stack Mobile - View Stack Exchange Sites on Your Smart Phone or Tablet 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

82 Better handling of indentation and the TAB key when editing posts 2012-03-23T11:24:39.400

81 Threaded comments 2011-02-16T11:32:12.320

78 StackStalker: Be Notified When Your Question Is Updated (Chrome Extension) 2010-06-03T09:55:23.373

77 SymbolHound: Search Stack Overflow for special characters 2011-11-29T17:09:03.150

71 SE Editor Toolkit 2011-03-15T15:36:23.553

68 SE Comment Link Helper 2011-05-01T17:58:52.980

68 Natty - Bringing 10k moderation to All 2016-09-20T14:08:57.713

66 SE Chat Modifications -- Keyboard navigation and commands for chat 2011-02-21T21:19:06.307

64 StackFlair - **Defunct** Generate flair for your Stack Exchange associated accounts 2010-09-13T17:09:44.883

64 Newt - question, answer and comment and rep change notifications for Mac OS X 2011-02-09T03:44:51.723

63 Not a real question – A Stack Exchange game 2010-08-12T15:53:20.857

60 OBSOLETE - Droidstack for Android - now with chat support! 2010-06-07T00:10:10.977

60 Stack Exchange Global Flag Summary 2017-01-10T19:19:22.397

56 OBSOLETE - Elections Statistics page for Stack Exchange sites 2011-02-16T10:13:31.157

56 SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links 2011-02-27T00:04:06.940

55 SkeetStalker - Get to unanswered questions before Jon Skeet? 2010-06-11T11:45:38.430

54 SVG Versions of the Logos 2010-05-29T02:58:35.407

53 OBSOLETE - Soapi.CS : A fully relational fluent .NET Stack Exchange API client library 2010-05-31T09:54:17.293

53 OBSOLETE - New Q! - Google Chrome Extension notifies you of new questions of interest and inbox messages 2010-06-07T02:11:16.743

52 StackKit: an API framework for Cocoa 2010-05-28T21:11:05.017

52 OBSOLETE - Stack2Blog - Turning your answers into blogs (For "sale") 2010-06-08T15:37:43.300

52 <kbd>, Superscript and Subscript, markup shortcuts 2012-04-24T05:33:47.697

51 StackEye - Chrome Extension to follow users and questions on StackExchange sites 2013-12-21T15:42:57.677

50 Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange inbox ( Chrome / Firefox ) 2012-11-19T18:09:18.253

49 Reputation graph 2011-03-13T14:39:06.327

48 MyStacks - "Stack Overflow trilogy" iPhone app (free) 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713

48 Punch a user button! 2012-12-01T19:01:46.210


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