Stereo to surround mixing software advice


Is anyone out there familiar with stereo-to-surround (upmixing) software like Waves UM226 or TC Electronics Unwrap and the Broadcasters' (Discovery or National Geographic) acceptance/knowledge therein?

Thx much

Waves UM226

J.Martin Taylor

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J. Martin, I'm also downvoting this question as it doesn't really pertain to the topic of sound design. Are you trying to use said software to design a sound or is this more of a technical question? (If design related, I'm happy to remove my negative vote.) – Jay Jennings – 2010-05-06T21:20:27.477

Just googled "TC Tools Unwrap", so do you mean plugins to convert from stereo to surround? Sorry if I'm not getting your question. Would you like to give a bit more info? – Andrew Spitz – 2010-05-06T21:32:33.010



Check out this thread and this thread at Gearslutz, which discuss upmix solutions.


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