New audio interface


I'm looking to get a new interface and was looking at three options:

  • Mbox 3
  • Apogee Duet w/breakout box
  • Apogee Duet 2

I don't have Pro Tools HD so I don't have a need for 192kHz, just 96kHz with quiet preamps with at least 2 XLR inputs and 2 balanced outputs. Does anyone have experience with the first two interfaces?

Price range: $300-600

Mitchell Scott

Posted 2011-04-14T03:28:22.893

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Would you be considering an Mbox 3 Pro, or specifically just an Mbox 3 (non-pro)? – James Bryant – 2011-04-14T05:56:44.520

@James Bryant Non-pro. I only need 2 XLR inputs. – Mitchell Scott – 2011-04-14T09:26:20.683



I have the usbpre2 when I head out on he road and it is rock solid. I actually like the headphone amp better than the Apogee Ensemble I own.


Posted 2011-04-14T03:28:22.893

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Have you considered the new RME Babyface? That looks pretty tasty too!

Also the Sound Devices USBPre2 looks nice ;)

Andy Lewis

Posted 2011-04-14T03:28:22.893

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There was a comparison done between the new Mbox3 and the Duet at DUC for what it's worth:

I am assuming you will be using PT9 as your DAW and that you are on a Mac...

As @Andy mentioned, I would also check out RME as their drivers are rock-solid and have decent converters/pres


Posted 2011-04-14T03:28:22.893

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I have used RME for years. they are set and forget. I havent dont any A-B testing to say they are the best, but rock solid.

David Rovin

Posted 2011-04-14T03:28:22.893

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