Studio Pre-Amp with Low Noise Floor


Can anyone recommend a studio pre-amp with a low noise floor for recording foley? Don't worry about the $$$$££££, maybe just best in each price bracket!

Edit: I'll mainly be using it with a Neumann KMR-81i or a 416.


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Here are a few that I know are low noise, there first 2 are often used in Foley:

John Hardy M1:

Milennia HV3:

True Systems:


Great River:

Chuck Russom

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I should add, I used Great River pres on the metal scrapes in my metal impacts library. I will also be using them on a lot of recordings that I'm doing in the next few weeks. They are very quite, but add color to your recordings, which you might not always want in foley. – Chuck Russom – 2011-01-18T03:16:14.130

@chuck russom - thanks so much for this, I will check them out! – Noiseboy – 2011-01-18T21:26:39.263


I would go for the Milennia HV-3C as they are quiet, have a flat response and are very reliable.

The stepped gain is useful, as it allows you to match signals more easily if you have to re-record something (provided you remembered to take notes).


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