Line out of guitar amp when connected to soundcraft notepad 8FX does not give sound to the mixer. Is the Line out busted?


My guitar line out refuses to produce sound through the mixer.

I am beginner guitar player and for my first gig I went to the church to play for a communion, I was carrying my guitar (Juarez), a guitar amplifier (Palco 104), a DI box (Behringer DI100) and a soundcraft notepad 8FX mixer. To connect to the churches PA, I had to connect the mixer output (XLR) to the PA but when playing the guitar, feeble or no sound came through the mixer.

Guitar Line out (1/4inch TS) --> (1/4 inch TS) DI box input (XLR)--> (1/4 inch TRS) Mixer Mic in --> PA system

I have tried to :

  1. Connect the guitar directly to the mixer -- Feeble sound
  2. Connect the guitar amp line out to the mixer -- No sound
  3. Connect the guitar amp Line out to the DI box to mixer -- No sound
  4. Connect the guitar to DI box to mixer --- Low quality sound

As it turned out, I finally mic the guitar and it was no good, the mic picked up stray noises. Would buying a cabinet emulator DI box help, the kind of Behringer Ultra-G GI 100, which has a cabinet emulator help in getting the Line out of the guitar amp to produce sound on the mixer ?

Could somebody help me out ?

I really need to figure this one out, its frustrating.

Maninder Singh Kumar

Posted 2020-12-21T19:05:15.453

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Does the main PA not already have a mixing board? The 1/4 inputs on channels 1&2 are line inputs not mic inputs. – Timinycricket – 2020-12-22T16:43:18.057

I use the Soundcraft Notepad 8fx mixer for recording to the computer. Well, yes they are line inputs but labeled as Mic, so I use the channel 1 for the guitar input and channel 2 for mic. My main problem is that the line out on the guitar amp refuses to produce sound on the mixer. I can't wrap my head around this one. – Maninder Singh Kumar – 2020-12-22T16:55:12.957

it could be one of a number of operator errors that we can’t help you with unless we were there and if not then you might have a broken piece of equipment. – Timinycricket – 2020-12-22T20:34:29.113

Agreed, I will wait for the Behringer GI 100, with speaker emulation that arrives saturday and then update you. – Maninder Singh Kumar – 2020-12-23T07:08:35.973

@Timinycricket I tried to hook up the guitar AMP again and it worked. YES It worked. What is different is that I had the DI's battery fully charged now. The other different thing was the monitor speakers were attached. I can safely say :

  1. The DI boxes battery needs to be fully charged.

The question is resolved – Maninder Singh Kumar – 2020-12-23T09:13:56.617

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