How can I implement the following setup?


I am sorry if this is the wrong SE, but it seems to be the only one where my question makes even the slightest sense. I am taking music lessons online and I am having troubles setting up the following:

I have an E-Bass connected to an amp which I want to connect to a) my headphones and b) to my PC so that the instructor can hear too. At the same time, I would like to connect my headphones to my PC as well so that I can hear both a) the bass and b) the instructor. How should I connect everything in the most optimal way? Here is a graph of the the problem:

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This kind of question is bordeline here, on topic on SuperUser, but answers on there are few & far between on this topic, which does crop up a lot. This is pretty easy on a Mac with Audio Hijack or Loopback, but idk for Windows. Perhaps could do it.

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Sounds like this could be accomplished simply by using a USB audio interface with direct monitoring (for instance the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 is quite common)

The interface contains a headphone out for monitoring both the inputs (your bass) and the system audio if you select the device as your system output device in audio settings for your operating system.

You will need to set the input device to "PC-Mic" or "inbuilt mic" in Zoom unless you have your own microphone you can plug into the audio interface.

graph using audio interface


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