SK-XSW bodypack compatible with older receiver?


We've got a Sennheiser XS Wireless receiver (old version XSW 72) with one bodypack transmitter (model SK 20).

This product is not longer available, and it looks like Sennheiser has a newer version, called XS Wireless 1 and 2 with a newer bodypack (model SK XSW). We would like to have a backup bodypack and were wondering if this newer one would be compatible with the older receiver (both would be B-band).


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1This is a question that could be asked to a Sennheiser representative. – audionuma – 2020-11-09T18:14:34.903

With all due respect to the moderator that closed this question, how exactly is this question opinion-based? It's fact-based. It either works or it doesn't, regardless of someone's opinion. – Knelis – 2020-11-10T11:09:47.423

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