Headphones: Can you use bass boosted headphones as professional sound editing headphones after making some changes in software or hardware changes?


I am here to ask some technical questions about differences between some audio devices and about them point by point. I am a beginner or nerd in audio devices and sound editing.

Can you produce flat sound from a bass headphone by using some software or not? (for purpose of professional audio editing)

Can you make changes to a bass boosted headphones manually (to hardware or its software) to be able to use it as flat headphones for audio editing? If yes, then how?

shivam saxena

Posted 2020-07-21T13:19:16.177

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Unless you have specific measuring tools for headphones, you'd have to do it by ear - see this for a quick rundown of how you can do it on Mac - How to do speaker correction on a MacBook Pro Retina

Windows might be a tougher proposition, unless you can leverage something like Equalizer APO into your workflow. I have no real experience with audio routing on Windows.


Posted 2020-07-21T13:19:16.177

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