How to uncouple Ableton Push session/note switch from Akai APC40 mk2


I play my live sets using a mix of loops and synths in Ableton Live 9. I have an AKAI Apc40 MK2 that I use to trigger loops, scenes and to control effects, and I have an Ableton Push that I use to play synths with, as well as a secondary scene launcher.

Now, this setup works very well. However, when I'm soloing on Push (Note mode) and I happen to play a different loop from the Apc40, my Push switches to Session as well, triggered by the loop launch.

Is there a way, for me to separate the response of these two controllers? I want to use Push for soloing so I can't afford having to switch back to Note mode every time I launch a new loop.

Any help much appreciated!


Posted 2020-04-12T08:32:49.097

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