Can the Line-in jack be used for an external microphone?


Is there any way to use a microphone in a Line-in jack (e.g., with a pre-amp, phantom power, etc.)?

Brad Iverson

Posted 2019-08-29T06:18:31.367

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Yes, you can use an external microphone preamplifier, these convert the mic signal to line level.


Posted 2019-08-29T06:18:31.367

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Yes. And your question included the answer how! The item that changes a mic level signal to line level is called a preamp. And if the mic is a type that requires phantom power, a preamp can provide it.

Don't get sucked into the world of boutique preamps. It's an easy job that can be done cheaply.

You might consider something like this. It's a bit more than just a simple microphone preamp, but its facilities could come in useful for other things.

Laurence Payne

Posted 2019-08-29T06:18:31.367

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