Which type of microphone is best equipped to capture eating sounds?


I am wondering which type of microphone this girl used to make her videos.

I tried condensor hypercardioid but it still doesn't sound as clear and loud.

mr bang

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2cardioid condensor fine for fish or poultry, M-S with a condensor and ribbon combo is best for red meat and roast veggies, (depending on season) country breakfast, etc. desserts can be tricky, i usually use a pair of 421s in X-Y configuration with a high gain preamp and hope for the best. – Tyler Stone – 2019-02-14T05:53:43.917

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Cardioid condensor which is most likely positioned just out of frame.


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Usually the best mics to capture very localized sounds are the so-called "shotgun mics", condenser microphones with a Super-Cardioid polar pattern, like the Rode NTG-2.

Stefano Messina

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