is changing voice technologies 2 ways?


The software such as MorphVOX changes the voice to a man, woman, or etc.

But, i am wondering is there any technology to roll back the audio file to what it was originally?

For instance, if i have an audio file, which the voice is changed, am i able to reverse it to the original?

Salman Lashkarara

Posted 2018-07-07T18:31:13.110

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1Mostly relies on are those effects effectively linear or not. – bipll – 2018-07-10T11:52:28.613



You'd at least need to know what algorithm had been used originally. If you used the same software & in effect reversed that algorithm, you might get somewhere close.

If you start with 'just a voice' & you don't know what's been done to it, any attempt to reverse that would be total guesswork.


Posted 2018-07-07T18:31:13.110

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