Envelope-following bandpass filter?


Anyone use one as a plug-in that they like the sound of? I'm specifically working on something where this would save exactly one metric butt-ton of automation...


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What exactly are you using it for? – Utopia – 2010-11-04T06:12:01.690

I'm experimenting using crashing surf with an automated bandpass filter as a means to create a whistling wind effect. – NoiseJockey – 2010-11-04T14:18:30.867



Soundtoys Filter Freak is great.

Justin P

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Thank you, @Justin: I've not grabbed any of Soundtoys' goodies yet, despite their rep, so I had totally overlooked Filter Freak. Great option! – NoiseJockey – 2010-11-04T14:21:21.643

Using it right now…amazing results with minimal effort! – Jay Jennings – 2010-11-05T03:59:29.670


I've been messing with the Bluecat plugins - at first they seem like straight forward level & spectrum analysis meters but they can output MIDI from their analysis!! So you could feed the level as a control voltage across to whatever filter plugin you like... http://www.bluecataudio.com

In the real/analogue world I personally like the Doepfer A119 module ;) Its intriguing that an analogue synth technique that has been around for decades is relatively rare in the virtual world....


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Whoa, that's pretty unique! Super cool. Could totally see routing that data into this Waldorf Pulse on my desk..! :-) – NoiseJockey – 2010-11-04T19:42:32.000


+1 for Filter Freak!

Davide Favargiotti

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I think Live has one build inside. If you dont want to use Live, you can use the PSP Nitro for it, one of my fav. plugins at the moment

Michael Manzke

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