Can you tell which percussion instrument this is?


(I didn't find the song on youtube neither on soundcloud so spotify it is.)

I just want to know which percurssive element is this, so i can find a sample of it or a library.

The sound plays at 0:30 (it's not the kick of course), it's the sound that has some low-mid/high-mid focus and has a lot of stereo image. (The name of the song is "lips" by "The XX" in case the link doesn't work)

Giovani Henriques

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I'm not on Spotify and the song is restricted on YT. That just makes me more curios about these drums or whatever they are :< – Marc W – 2017-10-29T21:33:53.503



Tongue drum? Lots of videos on YouTube under that heading. Sounds a bit more wood than metal otherwise a Hang drum might be a possibility. The drone is a bit didgeridooish.

Could also be something like a Boomwhacker. Tons of them on YouTube and lots of sample libraries. E.g. .

Another element in there sounds a bit like a clave, the instrument not the pattern, as well.

Zalman Stern

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Could also be a processed marimba, but seems less likely. With electronic samples libraries, listening under "marimba" might be worthwhile. – Zalman Stern – 2017-10-28T04:51:58.403


Kalimba is my best answer for you.


Ray Koren

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Hi Ray, can you please expand this answer with a link to sound or video. – Rory Alsop – 2019-08-29T09:21:08.543

If only there was a way for you to tell us what a Kalimba is, how it's used, what it does and what it's history is. – Alaska Man – 2021-01-25T21:01:19.667


It could be some bongo drums which have been slightly altered: corse tuned down a bit + a tiny touch of delay + compression with fast release, to give that something of "xylo" sound.

But indeed this is pure speculation...


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Sounds like a Thai traditional wooden xylophone, the small one about a foot long

Nevso St

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