Tool for creating a WAV given a function of time/sample


What software could I use to create a WAV file from a function of sample number?

I am building an implementation of Group Additive Synthesis in a modular softsynth and I just need a simple way of creating the wavetables.


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The first thing that comes to mind is a tool like Matlab (from the Matthworks). You can download a free trial, but you would have to learn some prograsmming (or Matlabs language). But I believe it can create a .wav or .aiff file from a function that synthesizes a waveform or a complex signal.

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There's also Scilab which is a free alternative to Matlab. The function to save to a wave file is savewave -

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If simple waveforms are enough, Audacity is a (free and) convenient tool to go for. In the version I use (2.1.2), the following are creatable per default (please see below for plugin add-on):

  • Simple waveforms (you can specify frequency, amplitude and duration):

    • sinus wave
    • square wave
    • saw wave
    • square without aliasing
  • Chirps (amplitude and frequency changes over time (additionally, interpolation curve is selectable here ("linear" vs. "logarithmic"))

    • Same waveforms as for "simple waveforms".
  • DTMF tones

  • Noise (you can specify amplitude and duration):

    • white
    • pink
    • brown
  • Simple risset drums (editable frequency, decay, center frequency of noise, width of noise band, amount of moise in mix, amplitude).

  • Simple pluck strings (editable duration, fade out type and midi note height).

Furthermore, there are plugins that might be of interest in your case. See this one for example.

You can export your generated waveform in many audio formats, including several .wav formats with different bit depth.


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It's sine wave, not sinus. That was too small an edit for me to make, so i'll make it a comment – None – 2017-10-19T17:03:34.587