Can you use HD-SDI cables to loop antennas for wireless mics?


We have Line 6 Mic recievers that you can rack together and loop the antennas from one to the next (see page 26 of the manual).

You can buy the cable from Line 6 here, but you can get BNC-BNC cables here for a fraction of the price.

Line 6 doesn't give any technical spec for their cables, but the other cables are listed as HD-SDI video cables. In my mind, a BNC connector is a BNC connector, and a copper is copper. Is there any reason why we couldn't, or shouldn't use an HD-SDI cable to loop our antennas?


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Usually, RF antennas coaxial cables have a 50 Ω (Ohms) characteristic impedance whereas HD-SDI cables have a 75 Ω characteristic impedance.

The user manual of your line6 product actually mentions a 50 Ω antenna impedance (page 30).

You should be fine if using 50 Ω coaxial cable, so not HD-SDI cables.


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