Can I set a timer to auto record with an 744T?


I recentley got an sd 744t. I love it and was wondering if i can pre-setup a recording for later that night. For example I leave the recorder in a certain place and want it to record for 3 days at 00:00h at night for 5 minutes on each day? as far as I understood it would only be possible with a camera linked through timecode that gives the signal to record. Is there any device I could attach to the timecode slot that sets a recording time? or am I missing an easy way?

Nils Mosh

Posted 2016-06-29T00:10:55.393

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The 744T user guide mentions :

The 744T is equipped with a record start and stop timer. This allows a user to record a take at a specific time from an unattended recorder. Set the start time in the Setup Menu option REC: TIMER START then set the record stop time in the Setup Menu option REC: TIMER STOP. The 744T will only start recording if the recorder is On when the timer start time elapses.

So you should check wether this operates as you wish when using the internal date/time clock (which is separate from the TC generator). It would imply having a power supply that allow to keep the recorder on for several days, and check wether it works several consecutive days at the same time.


The OP mentions that it is working as expected on a one time record.


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sorry, was looking for it, but must have missed it! and thanks a lot! – Nils Mosh – 2016-06-29T23:48:36.167

Yeah, i will check with the guys at sd If there is any external device to realise multiple recordings. - Thx though! – Nils Mosh – 2016-07-01T22:05:11.683