Metallic voice effect


does anyone know what type of plugin, voice fx, or processing was done to achieve this sound?

it starts at 3:25 in this clip and only lasts about 20 seconds

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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I don't hear any effect.... – Scorb – 2016-03-30T21:59:00.233

It's subtle, but if you compare that part with the rest of the song it's more noticeable – user16388 – 2016-03-31T03:48:51.423



Sounds like a couple of different vocal takes on top of eachother, maybe with a bit of subtle phasing and/or a chorus.

Jonathan Arkell

Posted 2016-03-30T20:52:03.937

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I think it's a vocoder, because you asked about metallic voice(I can't play the video because of slow internet connection)


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