Right channel minus left channel?


I have music with voice on left channel and just music on right (WAV 16 bit). I want to distinguish ONLY VOICE from file. I think it's some like left channel - right channel = voice, but i don't know how to do this? I have audacity program to edit music files. Can anyone help me?


Posted 2016-02-16T20:00:45.487


If you have voice on left and music on right, then just use the left channel. This isn't on topic here though so I'll migrate to Sound Design. – Rory Alsop – 2016-02-16T22:50:24.333



With ffmpeg on the command line:

ffmpeg -i ${f} -filter_complex "[0:0]pan=1c|c0 = 0.5 * c0 + -0.5 * c1[side]" -map "[side]" ${f}_voiceonly.wav

Where ${f} is the file you want to convert.

You can also do it with any DAW: either use an L/R→M/S matrix and balance to the right, or just explode the file to two tracks and inverse the polarity on one of them. Should even be possible in Audacity, but likely you'll be easier off with ffmpeg then... try Reaper if you want something powerful yet easy with GUI.


Posted 2016-02-16T20:00:45.487

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