Is it safe to use headphones with mono jacks into stereo jacks on a modern PC?


If I understand correctly, plugging a mono jack into a stereo socket would short the right channel of the stereo to the ground.

Yet most audio amplifiers have a short detection/protection circuit in place to address that issue right?

So would that be safe to use the mono earphone on modern computers without risking burning up the right channel amplifier?


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ive done things like that a thousand times, never hurt anything... Can't back it up in a good way cause to me it was never a question and never got to search about it. Can't really tell you what to do , but i never had problems with such connections – frcake – 2016-01-28T16:15:28.010

@frcake thank you! I did that many times too and never had problems, just that someone else I know had an anomaly of his right channel amp stopped working after he plugged the mono earbud into his pc...well, bad luck for him I guess. – nuke9 – 2016-01-28T18:31:33.937

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