Wireless Audio On A Budget


I am in need of an in-ear monitor system for my Church's band.

We currently use a Yamaha - LS9-32 mixer, and are on a budget. Now, I am not a complete audio quality freak, but I do appreciate it. I was thinking about rigging one of these things to transmit audio across about 100 ft.

I was wondering if anyone had tried this before, and/or knew of any downsides? Thanks!


Posted 2015-12-30T02:56:42.190


Please use this syntax link's name to make your post more readable. Best :)

– JSmith – 2016-01-04T18:41:52.523

The product you are linking to is not an audio wireless system but an audio+video wireless system. – audionuma – 2016-02-12T06:41:53.980



My limited experience is that going cheap in this area can be disappointing. Colored tone, dropouts , etc is not worth it. Am now saving for a line6 system.


Posted 2015-12-30T02:56:42.190

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I couldn't find any in ear wireless system on line6 website. Can you point to one ? – audionuma – 2016-02-12T06:46:16.593