Can I record in stereo using Scarlett 2i2 and Audition?


I have purchased a Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface and will be purchasing an Audio Technica AT2035.

  1. Am I able to record in stereo using the Scarlett 2i2 from my standard output jack on my Mac, or would I have to purchase a splitter and then have two different inputs setup on the Scarlett?

Say for instance I want to pull audio from online by just recording what I hear instead of figuring out a way to save the audio into a different format. When I try it now I have an AUX cable from my headphone jack on the MAC into an 1/8 adapter plugged into the 2i2. But it is only recording mono and I am unable to convert it to stereo in Audition.

  1. Would I be better off at just getting some type of mixer?

Daniel Nivens

Posted 2015-11-13T22:21:15.433

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The Scarlett 2i2 inputs are mono instrument/line inputs, so you would need a splitter. I'm not sure about Macs but in Windows, the system(output) audio can be recorded in any DAW if you have the right drivers, maybe its the same for Mac. – Marc W – 2015-11-14T15:27:48.693

Are you going to record a voiceover too? – Michael Hansen Buur – 2015-11-16T14:34:41.623

Yeah, I am mostly looking to import the audio into Audition and then record a voice on a separate track. – Daniel Nivens – 2015-11-16T17:33:35.840



if you want to record what you hear in mac you can use Soundflower instead of doing it using your audio interface. here are some tutorial for that:

from softonic

from instructables

if you need to record a voice over for that I should say you can't do it realtime in this way as you need to change your input from your audio interface to Soundflower. but using a sequencer like Audacity, Logic pro, etc. you can record your voice over it in a new track.

Mohammad Rafigh

Posted 2015-11-13T22:21:15.433

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