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I'm trying to find information regarding the Kontakt file format, that goes into specific enough detail about the structure of a Kontakt sampler library file that one would be able to write a computer script to manipulate and edit the data it contains in raw binary format, and rewrite it back.

Does anyone know where I could find formatting information like this?


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From what I've tried with Kontakt files: Comparing two files with a minor parameter change on a Hex editor. The format is proprietary and maybe obfuscated. You can always contact Native Instruments for more details.

btw if you have any answer from them I would love to hear from you on this post or on mp.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand that the format may be proprietary, but deliberately obfuscating it to me would seem pathological - you'd think it would be in their interests to make it a de-facto standard and that would be assisted by having the format details open.

I think someone out there has already written a format converter that goes from Akai to Kontakt (I'm actually interested in the reverse) so it can't be a complete mystery. – Bitrex – 2015-06-21T11:39:33.640

You can also ask them how they got the format specifications. But as will see both programs aren't open-source. So it might be some chance the devs had to pay NI a lincence for the file format

Hope to have a feedback on this ;)

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