Can I transpose a series of midi clips to a different key?


Running Ableton live 9 Suite.

I made these midi clips: enter image description here

Is there a way to automate the transposition of these chords to another key?

Ideally I would like to do this with a few key strokes if thats possible.


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A midi transposition effect should do exactly what you're after. I am pretty sure its parameters can be controlled via automation.

Unless you want to edit the notes in place. In that case Cmd-A (select all), then use the up/down keys to transpose the pitch up and down. Hold down shift to go by octave.

You could also use the Transform tools:

the Transpose slider transposes the selection. Type a number to transpose by semitones. Type a note name to set the lowest note. Adding a “-” before the note name sets the highest note

Hope that helps!

Jonathan Arkell

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Try using the pitch midi effect to transopse your midi input by semitones


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