Inside a phone booth


I want to create an EQ or other approach that mimics a person inside an old style enclosed phone booth. Any thoughts? Thanks

VA Soundman

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Is the viewer in the phone booth with them or outside the phone booth? – coaxmw – 2015-04-23T17:20:12.247

outside the ball-park, but…find a friend who has Altiverb or Speakerphone - both have that exact algorithm, but cost a small fortune... so I'm not saying buy it for the sake of one effect ;-)) – Tetsujin – 2015-04-23T19:48:54.213



Put the fictional measurements of a phone booth, say 100x100x250 cm, in one of those online room mode calculators

and recreate the highest peaks with eq. It will be only half-scientific, but at least you can analyse what such a room would really do with your sound.


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I would try a couple really short delays for reflections with a boost in mid-high end frequencies (1khz shelf eq?).


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You could try playing back and recording the sounds you require in a similar space, say, a wardrobe. Obviously you'd need to use a professional speaker and the original recording would need to be of sufficient quality to avoid introducing unwanted tones or noise. Assuming it's dialogue your mainly concerned with?


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