Need software-based, resonant filter for 90's ROMpler


Any suggestions on how to add a resonant filter to a keyboard that does not have one?

I have a Alesis Quadrasynth (QS4) and want to do midi-triggered filter sweeps in real-time.

Thank you!


Daniel Johnson

Posted 2015-04-07T23:02:52.160

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Could you provide more information about your setup? What DAW? Any available audio inputs on your audio interface? Do you already have filter plugins? – EMV – 2015-04-08T12:27:11.713

Thanks for commenting, I just started using Ubuntu Studio (calfJACK Host looks promising), but much of the software options are new to me. I have been using PC with Windows XP with Line6 TonePort & Sound Blaster Live! Drive, Sonar (1st version), Anvil, Caustic3, MidiOx, MidiYoke, and Sound Forge. Keyboard is Quadrasynth. I also have a MMT-8 sequencer. – Daniel Johnson – 2015-04-09T03:27:15.693

I have not used any filter plugins. Both sound cards have audio inputs, keyboard has 2 main outs and 2 auxillary outs. – Daniel Johnson – 2015-04-09T03:30:01.163

My version of Sonar can only use DirectX plugins. I am open to trying a new DAW and am looking at Ardour3. – Daniel Johnson – 2015-04-09T03:32:43.407



there is a free vst called north pole that can follow the envelope of the audio through it


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I have heard wonderful things about this box:

If you are comfortable with circuits (or learning) it wouldn't be especially hard to build your own midi-controllable filter with an Arduino. The schematics of a moog ladder filter are widely available.

You can try looking at a Guitar FX pedal as well.

Jonathan Arkell

Posted 2015-04-07T23:02:52.160

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