Convert FL Studio time to just Ticks


I need to convert FL's bar/step:tick to just ticks. The end of the song as FL shows it is 42:04:095 but in just ticks it is 64416.

I need the tick number to use a external program.

Also, is there a way to insert controllers with specific parameters?

I'm using FL Studio 11.


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What's FL's tick resolution? 480 ppq? If so, & assuming your 42:04:095 is bar:beat:tick, it's (42[#of beats in a bar, presumably 4]480) + (4*480) + 95 – Tetsujin – 2015-03-06T21:06:56.297

how would i find the resolution? the tempo is 150 BPM, notes per beat is 8. does it have anything to do with that? – Lil-G-Gamegenuis – 2015-03-06T23:13:03.560

ok, i found it with the external program, its 384 – Lil-G-Gamegenuis – 2015-03-06T23:36:40.513

@Tetsujin ok, i'll add your comment as the answer. btw thanks! – Lil-G-Gamegenuis – 2015-03-07T02:43:07.190



Thanks to Tetsujin for formula

The basic formula is (Bar X Beats per Bar X Tick Resolution) + (Beats X Tick Resolution) + Remaining FL Ticks = Ticks


Posted 2015-03-06T17:31:16.017

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