ADAT to USB interface


Is there such a thing as a bridge between ADAT and USB?

It seems simple enough, and seems like it should be a very cheap device - just do some translation from the ADAT digital stream into USB. But google is failing me.


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I couldn't find anything for USB, but there seem to be several Firewire audio interfaces that also have ADAT optical inputs.

enter image description here

I own a M-Audio Profire 2626 which can do 16 ADAT in/out. Focusrite has at least one model similar to the Profire with 8 ADAT in/out.

This thread on gearslutz seems to suggest a couple different Firewire interfaces.

If you have a Mac or MacBook you probably already have a Firewire interface. If you have a PC you can get one cheap. If you have a PC laptop, you may be out of luck.

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