What microphone is used in these videos?


What microphone (and mount) does this girl use in her videos?


Also: Would using a pop filter help her?


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I wanted to add that she has very pleasing tone and natural voice.

After careful visual inspection, I am pretty certain that this is an AKG Perception 220 Condenser mic.

The mount comes with it, at least at this site:


"Spider-type shock mount and metal case included"

enter image description here

A Pop Filter is generally a good idea, but she is not on top of the mic as she is back a bit playing the keyboard, so in her case a pop filter probably will not make any difference. However, in the Elton John tune she is on top of the mic and I really don't hear any objectionable pops, she has her "puffs" right. :>


Posted 2012-04-03T10:29:52.990

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It's very hard to tell whether she's got a 120 or 220 since the bodies are almost identical. Both are condensers, which need power via their XLR connectors. Power can be supplied by a mixer. An alternative is the Perception 120 USB. Like its name suggests, it has a USB connector which can plug right into your computer. No extra power needed. – None – 2012-04-04T06:51:55.230

When I did my visual examination I noted that the 220 has a slight gold tone to the mic screen which is consistent with the target where as the 120 has an aluminum tone screen. – filzilla – 2012-04-04T18:09:19.287

is it possible the microphone alone made the difference between "Pray" and "ET" ? Suddenly there is a very noticeable difference . – None – 2012-04-07T12:06:05.650

@OlivierS I don't think she used this microphone for either of the videos you've mentioned. In E.T. she used a different camera though, and probably the camera-mic, if that's what you meant. – None – 2012-04-14T02:52:43.530