Anyone using a SD 702 with a SD mixer?


Just ordered a 702 for sfx recording and was wondering if anyone else finds it helpful to pair it with a mixer. It seems slightly unnecessary although I know it could be useful for certain applications. I am recording with a M/S setup. Any thoughts?


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The 702 has a built in MS matrix which is highly flexible. You can decode to your headphones or to "tape". You shouldn't need it if you are just recording 2 channels. That said, I often use the my Sound Devices MP-2 (which has been replaced by the Mix Pre) for channels 3 and 4 on my 744T and I actually find the pres a little more pleasing.

Michael Raphael


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Hey Michael, I'm a big fan of your work and your "Rockets" SFX Library is definitely on my next purchase list... I'm aware of the selectable M/S decoding features which is why I love the 702. I guess I was wondering what the advantages are of having a mixer besides being able to trim levels while stuck in a menu and stuff like that. – bpert – 2010-07-30T16:20:39.240


I agree with Michael: A 702 for mid-side is enough. That's exactly what I use. The only reason you'd really need a mixer is to mix in more channels or to have better ergonomics and immediacy for riding levels. There are a lot of other reasons to have a 2+ channel SD mixer lying around (pairing with small hand-held recorders like the PCM-D50 or H4n, etc.), but not for what you're aiming to do!


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Hey NoiseJockey, I'm a big fan of your work and your blog as well!! Your blog definitely gets my creative juices flowing sometimes when I need a boost. I figured that there wasn't really much of an advantage just wanted to see if I was overlooking something. I wasn't sure if menu jockeying was required when the channels are linked to adjust levels when in M/S mode. – bpert – 2010-07-30T16:28:21.200

Oh. @bpert, sorry for not getting into that detail: Nope, you just use the two channel gain pots to control the level (L channel) and spread (R channel). Super easy, and you can either record in L-R, decoding in the box, or just monitor in MS and then translate to L-R in post. I've found it to be very fast operation and super easy. – NoiseJockey – 2010-07-30T19:13:19.910

So there isn't a need to go back to the channel inputs to balance the levels? I assume you are controlling the gain directly in m/s mode even though they are called level and spread? Sorry just don't have too much experience recording in M/S. I just know that I love how it sounds. – bpert – 2010-07-30T19:38:52.983

The control of each channel's gain is done with rotary pots - KNOBS - and not with the menu. The menu affords some additional input sensitivity at a gross level, but 98% of the levels tweaking is done with the two gain knobs on the 702's front panel. In mid-side, the left channel (cardioid mic) determines overall level and the right channel (figure-8 mics) determines the amount of stereo image spread. Your question was whether or not you needed "menu jockeying" to control the levels live when in mid-side mode, and the answer is no. No need for an external mixer in that workflow! – NoiseJockey – 2010-07-30T19:55:13.113

@noisejockey do you know if the pre-amps are better than the 702's? If so, by a lot? – Andrew Spitz – 2010-07-30T22:50:57.837

@Andrew Sptiz. I don't think by a lot. Both are quiet but there is a little more color in the MP-2 . . . not much but a little. – sepulchra – 2010-07-30T23:15:33.610

@bpert -- I actually often set it up so the channels are linked, but not decoded. And just use the pot on channel 1. You are pretty much guaranteed a recording in phase and side levels that are relative to the mid if what you are shooting is on-axis – sepulchra – 2010-07-30T23:19:05.073