What type of plug-in is Fruity Loop's Gross Beat?


What is the name for the type of effect that Fruity Loop's Gross Beat plug-in creates? How does that type of effect work?


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As of when this question was asked, an alternative to Gross Beat that works in other DAWs is Effectix ($129): http://www.sugar-bytes.de/content/products/Effectrix/

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I would say Gross Beat falls under the time manipulation category, it just creates stutters by jumbling the audio around a bit, and changes the speed or volume level on certain tracks. I imagine that most of the sound effects created by gross beat could be achieved quite simply by cutting up and automating property's of audio clips. Hope this helps

Alex Walker-Ingham

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I've heard it refered to as a "glitch effect", it does now work in other DAWs -

Similar effects that come to mind would be: Sugar-Bytes - Effectix, Native Instruments - The Finger, Illformed - Glitch, iZotope - Stutter Edit,

Don Nickel

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