Which plugins does Wavelab 7 have (that Wavelab Elements doesn't have)?


I'm thinking about buying Wavelab 7 or Wavelab Elements 7. I'm not planning to do multi-track recordings, so I thought that Elements may be enough for me. But one major difference between the two versions appears to be that Wavelab 7 contains many more plugins (VST and others) than Wavelab Elements.

However, I can't find a comparative list of plugins anywhere that would enable me to decide whether I might need them. Can someone help?

Tim Pietzcker

Posted 2012-05-25T09:54:15.687




After a quick google I was able to find the following:

Link to download Wavelab 7 manual (Chapter 12 for plug-in info)

Wavelab Elements 7 manual (Chapter 10 for plug-in info)

These should give you all of the information you need to do a feature by feature comparison.

I hope this is helpful :)


Posted 2012-05-25T09:54:15.687

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