How to make a sound of dragon roar?


I always have been interested how does that sounds of dragon roaring are made in the movies or in the videogames. So, the question, exactly, how? :)


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Well, the best way to do it is to find yourself a wild dragon that hasn't been exposed to humans too much and by tickling it behind its ears you will cause it to roar. You just have to make sure to stay clear of the tail and head though.

And for the real answer: Most dragon roars or rather "animal" roars are a combination of different roars, breathing sounds and similar taken from all kinds of animals and layered on top of each other, this is where sound design really becomes an art form and great outlet for creative ideas. As an example I've used swooshes, mechanical grinding sounds, diesel engines and many other non-animal sounds to "enhance" the sound of a roar.

André Engelhardt

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  • Pitch and Formant adjusting and Granular Synthesis to make it evil!
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    2If you are going to tickle a wild dragon, it is best to remember the Hogwarts moto. Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus "Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon" – None – 2013-12-13T13:14:07.250


    My favourite dragon sound is a pitched down Komodo Dragon.

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    I'm disappointed voice acting wasn't a solution


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    Yes, my last batch of dragon roars/growls etc. was all voice acting + pitch shifting. – Joe Griffin – 2013-12-23T22:07:42.810

    No need to be disappointed! Obviously it is another possibility and I know a lot of us often even start out with voice as a base when we try to get a certain idea sketched out, definitely adds a special organic touch to any creature sound. – André Engelhardt – 2014-01-21T22:50:32.487

    t's funny reading my old post, I'm such a hypocrite, lol. Most of the music I listen to is very digital. Of course, many of the samples are from acoustic sources, but I really love hearing the new sounds created by synths, lfo's, etc. – tuson – 2014-01-22T16:00:19.650