Tuning samples in Kontakt 5


So I have some machine samples I am trying to tune to pitch, the piece is in the C3 range and I am wondering if there is a better way than ~I am attempting. At the moment I am using Kontakt to slice the audio then strapping an instance of Span to the insert and figuring out the pitch of each sample. I am then manually tuning each to the pitch which is quite time consuming. Is there another way?



Rory James Mccutcheon

Posted 2013-11-12T11:33:23.567

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what i do if i need quick tune my sounds, i add standart kontakt piano, route it to the same midi channel play the note and tune my samples by ear, to match the piano pitch.

btw...celemony melodyne can help you a lot in this situation, try the demo.

Linas Maknys

Posted 2013-11-12T11:33:23.567

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sounds like there is no automated way, so its basically get on with it :) – Rory James Mccutcheon – 2013-11-12T12:55:38.977

I do the same! - b – None – 2014-03-18T14:12:58.087


KeyMapPro by Redmatica has pitch analysis and tuning for Kontakt, but isn't available any more as apple bought it and discontinued it...


Posted 2013-11-12T11:33:23.567