GUI sounds creation / game audio


please advise.

There are three examples of games sounds I'm trying to produce (casual/HO game, so maximum sound realism is a must).

First two are relatively simple - arped/sequenced sound with delay as I get it.

But the third one "Clue Found" sounds like combination of a sample + short synth sound. Am I right here? Is it right way to go? Any info will be appreciated.



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Here is some useful information about designing interface sounds for a casual game.

Serge Eybog

Posted 2013-11-09T08:29:28.173

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Definitely a synth sound mixed with a bell tree sample. Hear it on its own here.

Mark Durham

Posted 2013-11-09T08:29:28.173

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Thanks a lot for prompt response, Mark! I've checked this resource in and out, looked through all major books in the field - but not too much info there. Do you know a good info source with systematic approach on that? – ra78 – 2013-11-09T08:43:21.030

Well, not really sure what you mean. It's just a recording of a bell tree, possibly with some basic effects like eq or reverb mixed with a synth sound. Are you after how to make the synth sound also? Just listening again, there's also a click type sound mixed in as a third layer. – Mark Durham – 2013-11-09T09:29:53.433

Thanks, Mark. What I mean is something like a Guide or Book or Video where major production tips for these kind of sounds are mentioned, if you know any. – ra78 – 2013-11-09T09:42:08.990

1Ok sure, I've never found a guide that specific for individual effects. It's really just listening, trial and error. Having said that I think a similar sound has come before here, so trawling the archives is often time well spent. – Mark Durham – 2013-11-09T09:57:09.397