How to improve the VOICE of a Villain.


My villain's voice is not convincing in my Action Movie. How I can improve his voice? Wich filters I can apply? I do not want to dub him.

Thank you.

Alex 8A

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Can you articulate what's wrong with the villain's voice as it stands? Knowing specific information about the problem may help us suggest a more appropriate solution. – Joseph Harvey – 2013-10-23T04:58:35.523

1If you upload a short sample of him, I can try to process it and give some in-detail advice. peace – Tobias Schmidt – 2013-10-23T18:18:03.987

1It's tough to tell whether you mean human villain or monster as well. – Dave – 2013-10-23T15:51:01.657



"...voice is not convincing..."

I believe you answered your own question. It's a performance issue, so the only true way to fix it is to start with a convincing voice performance first. The performance is key.


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Couldn't agree more. No matter what you do, if the source doesn't work look at fixing the source. – KellCole – 2013-10-23T21:00:25.893


  • Lower or change formants with melodyne
  • Pitch shift automation
  • Extreme noisy Vocoder
  • Load into a granulator and automate the parameters phrase by phrase so that the voice dissolves into granular bits at the end of a phrase or at some consonants.
  • Unnatural Reverb. Hall reverb in small rooms, small reverb in big hall scenes.
  • Layer that original with a distorted, pitch shifted version.
  • get a very noisy vocoder layer and automate it in and out
  • automate distortion effects to some consonants like shh tss css ect.
  • use revered reverb to suck into some of his words.
  • use a vocoder with pitch tracking and a very rich harmonic carrier. then use a wow/talk filter and automate the vocals according to the spoken vocals. then make this layer very deep.
  • record some whispering, load it with reverb and automate volume, filter and pan on this to give some spooky vibe.
  • Pitch shift the sound down, then pitch up the formants (autoamte if possible)
  • use speakerphone or convolution reverb or re recording to emulate masks.
  • use texture layers to fatten up the frequenzys. for exampel break glass or record some water flowing. then use a granualtor and pitch shift it down until lyou hear the little grains. automate the parameters to pronounce the phrase.
  • record yourself saying the phrases and heavy process this layer.

if you cant mike it, you can mouth it

hope this list gives you some inspiration, peace

Tobias Schmidt

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A villian's voice needs to be menacing. I think in most cases it should be equalized to have a deeper tonality. Although if the character is more mysterious you would want to focus on making it sound airy and quiet. Can you describe the character a bit?


Bennett Eller

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You didn't say if it was a Male or Female or other - but maybe EQ to bring out some growl or shrill. Maybe slight distortion. Maybe another sound happening that ups the evil. Maybe cut in a better take if possible.


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Avox Throat

Good to pitch and manipulate villians/monsters


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