Summing Stereo to mono?


Can some help me please..

Im doing the sound editing for small animation, I want to use the sound effects which are in stereo, on to the mono track.. I dont want to use the splitted channels of the stereo track onto the mono track..

So can any body tell me how to sum the stereo to mono before I put them onto mono track?

Im using pro tools..


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no way, just in 11 – bohitomi – 2013-07-11T16:42:34.467



If you assign the output of your stereo tracks to a mono bus, set the input of a mono track to the bus and then record to the mono track, you will get a stereo to mono downmix. However, you should be careful to monitor the mono track, as it's very possible that the combination of the L and R channels will cause phasing.

I'd recommend using a single channel from the stereo pair on the mono track instead.

Paul Fonarev

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1Also, to get the equivalent level, you'll need to trim your stereo track by 6dB. – Roger Middenway – 2013-07-11T18:57:10.687