Changing nearfield monitors + D/A



since I'm relocating to a new country, I'm thinking to sell my pair of Dynaudio BM15A and buy something smaller, more suitable for a studio apartment. Main use is for presets programming and design for sample libraries. I'm also looking for a good DA converter (or an audio interface with good DACs).

Any advice?

Thanks in advance, Luca

Luca Capozzi

Posted 2013-03-10T22:59:35.817

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If you're are used to the Dynaudio BM15a, I'd try the BM6aII or a second hand mkI.

Regarding a converter/audio interface, I'd advice the RME Fireface UCX. I own and use the UC and it's really nice. The UCX is a recent update and can also be used on an iPad(2,3,4) (for a mobile setup, it could be handy).

But it largely depends on your budget..


Arnoud Traa

Posted 2013-03-10T22:59:35.817

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Check out the Prism Sound interfaces. I use the Orpheus unit myself and it sounds amazing. They now make a half sized Orpheus called the Lyra, that would be my pick for you if you're after the best D/A -

Joseph Dutaillis

Posted 2013-03-10T22:59:35.817

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the fireface ufx is cheaper but has the same specs, except less in and outputs and stuff. might be better for your budget... ;)

Max Frick

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i have a pair of Neumann KH120a and a RME babyface. just perfect (for me).


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