Where can I buy some good doors?


Hey Guys,

I've just landed my first job editing sound effects for a feature film - Yay!

I've also been made in charge of editing doors - The film is a romantic comedy , so nothing fancy - no slams or jail doors, or cave doors. Just wholesome INT and EXT doors for Apartments, freestanding homes, and the odd shop or two.

Where can I get them/buy them.? (I have Zero time to record them myself)


Kurt Human

Posted 2012-11-12T19:49:18.467

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Sound Dogs might be your best bet: http://sounddogs.com/

If you want a lot of door sounds, you could check out Sound Ideas door library: http://sound-ideas.com/9000.html

Chuck Russom

Posted 2012-11-12T19:49:18.467

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really? No time to record? Thats seems insane for a feature film. The best time to record doors is often after hours - evenings, weekends, late at night....

Frankly if I was supervising the film you are working on I would be way less impressed with you cutting in the same old library doors that we hear all too often, and way more impressed with you finding/making time to bug your friends and locate some appropriate locations and doors and record them....

Is it really time thats the issue?


Posted 2012-11-12T19:49:18.467


1In all fairness, I've been on some MOWs and full features which require a full BG and FX turnaround in only 2-3 weeks tops. It's a luxury if we get 4-5 weeks - it's a common experience at least in LA, while some top tier shows likely have months. So if the asker only has what I'm guessing could be 2-3 weeks, 4 tops, I'd say that it would be fair to say that there is not enough time to record doors. – Stavrosound – 2012-11-13T07:33:55.290

@Tim - I understand what you mean with recording doors, but i'd really invest the bit of extra time I have in creating a sound for the lead character's little electric vehicle, which appears all throughout the film – Kurt Human – 2012-11-13T07:55:39.183

@Stavrosound so in a 2-3 week period, if each door recording session takes one hour (15min travel there, 30min recording, 15 min back) then I still don't see why recording 2-5 doors a week should be so impossible.... – None – 2012-11-13T18:03:04.820

I guess my angle is about priorities... which Kurt has clarified & fair enough! – None – 2012-11-13T20:09:01.267